New Era Farms

Who we are

New Era Farms is a cooperative farm in Canby Oregon.  We have fruit orchards, an extensive vegetable garden, corn, pumpkins, flowers, berries, and grapes.  We love people and we love to eat well.  The farm has become a place where people feel cared for and included. It’s a place where members participate in the work and enjoy the fruits of their labor.   And it’s a place we feel thankful and blessed to be a part of.

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Welcome to New Era Farms

Welcome to a New Era in your life.  A New Era where rain starts to mean more than just wearing a rain jacket.  Where dirt starts to mean more than just something to clean up.  Where seasons start to mean more than just decorations.  Where vegetables start to mean more than a fight with your kids at dinner.  Where farming starts to mean more than something someone else does for you.  A New Era where your food becomes something you’re proud of because it’s something you helped produce.